Nikkei Bar

Welcome to our home, Manāw Nikkei Bar. We are a team of gastronomic professionals that more than a team, we are a family.

We want every bite you have to translate into instant happiness. So you can feel the passion and the love we put to our food. In order to achieve this we use the most noble and fresh material.

We create different flavors depending on the inspiration, the material available and always taking into account the client’s palate.

An experience to share

Our menu surprises you  with a variety of dishes such as Nigiris, Ceviches, Tiraditos, a very spicy Chilli Crab and other specialties to share and thus try different flavors.

Bookings – Important

Hi there! For bookings of 3 people or more we ask for your card details because we want to guarantee that we will have your presence, this way we avoid to leave out anyone who has the same enthusiasm as you for visiting us. You may cancel or change your reservation (subject to availability) at no cost up to 4 hours before the time of your reservation.

If you cancel or make changes after that 4 hours deadline, or are a no-show, we will charge you 20€ per person.
Thanks for your understanding and for choosing us

We are looking forward to seeing you.
Remember that if you come with a trolley, let us know by indicating it in “special requests” so that we can place you at a table where everyone can be comfortable and thus fully enjoy your experience..

Take away

Find some of our ideal dishes to enjoy at home.

About us

We believe in improving day by day, in improving ourselves and giving you the best experience.

We want to tell you stories through our food, through the aromas, through the wine & cocktails. We want you to have a unique experience. We try to make everything homemade, from the sauces to the gyozas. “We are what we eat”, that is why we want our food to be healthy, tasty and of  good quality.

Our philosophy

We are fusion cuisine lovers. We like to create and play with flavors from here and there. We mix Japan with Peru, Malaysia or Thailand among other countries. Ceviche, nigiri, sashimi, tiradito, curry and more.

We want to take you on a trip of flavors without having to move from Valencia.